Photo Credit: Jill Lee Chang

Creative Caregiving

Over the past two decades, evidence-based research has continued to support the efficacy and impact of creative arts interventions on individual and community populations. Demonstrated results include improved health, higher quality of care, and enhanced quality of life across the spectrum of aging. These interventions have proven effective for enhanced quality of life for aging adults and their caregivers, while reducing healthcare costs, mitigating long-term depression and anxiety related to chronic conditions, and strengthening networks of care. In short, these interventions contribute to experiences of quality living for both caregivers and their partners. A significant challenge has been, and continues to be, providing access to best-practice creative arts interventions for caregivers and their loves ones.

The NCCA created the Creative Caregiving Guide an online interactive tool for caregivers and their loved ones. The Guide is designed to:

  • provide one on one creative caregiving exercises for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer鈥檚 Disease, dementia, and related cognitive disorders that enrich physical, mental, emotional, and social caregiving experiences;
  • build and curate an expanding library of evidence-based creative caregiving resources.

If you are an individual caregiver the guide is free for you to use. You begin using the guide by signing up here.

If you are a facilitator interested in using this in groups or organization looking to use the Creative Caregiving Guide on a broader scale, please call the NCCA at 202-895-9456 to discuss our group and institutional options.