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Training & Consulting Services

National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA) is the go-to resource for creative aging consulting and training.  Founded in 2001, through a partnership between the National Council on Aging and the National Endowment for the Arts, NCCA is uniquely capable of supporting your agency to move forward in this exciting, growing field. Contact us today to find out more.

As an arts, healthcare or aging leader, you need opportunities for learning, dialogue, and sharing strategies with colleagues. We offer an array of leadership development programs and tools to assist you in developing creative aging organizations for your organizations and institutions.

Through an Annual Conference, webinars, local gatherings we provide you with programs, ideas and tools that lead to your continued growth and success.
NCCA has a team of professional consultants who are personally and passionately committed to the creative aging field. We are recognized for our expertise, hands-on approach, and extraordinary results.

  • Expertise – Access to nation’s leading experts and teaching artists in creative aging, access and inclusion and age-friendly design
  • Wealth of resources – Highly rated education, training and consulting services as well as valuable online resources on a variety of topics
  • Unmatched knowledge of the field – Developers of the only national database of creative aging programs and best practices
  • Funding savvy – Unique knowledge about potential funding streams through work with Grantmaker affinity groups
  • Speakers’ Bureau – NCCA and our experts are often asked to speak at regional and national conferences

Tailored Trainings & Workshops

If you’re looking to develop a new service, evaluate an existing program, or start a new program, NCCA can create a variety of customizable trainings and workshops to assist you. These sessions come in a variety of formats and are flexible enough to meet your needs.

Training and workshops can be targeted to arts, government, business, education, or combined community groups at the local, state, and national level. Programs use research, case studies, expert speakers, and interactive facilitation to attract attention and energize participation.


State Arts Agencies: NCCA offers programming and trainings for State Arts Agencies who want to provide their teaching artists and arts organizations with innovative training in the expanding field of arts and aging.

Aging Services: NCCA has a robust history of providing strategic planning, program development and implementation, asset mapping, and evaluation for aging services implementing arts programming into their systems.

Are you an individual artist interested in working with older adults? Then consider taking our online artist certification program. Learn more here! (Hyperlink to another page that explains artist training)

Are you a long-term care facility interested in integrating the art into your institution? Then consider bringing our Creative Care Institute to your community. Learn more here! (hyper link to another page)