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Past Webinars

Welcome to NCCA’s Webinar page, where you’ll find information on NCCA’s own webinar series, as well as some webinars from our partners and members.

Here are some of past webinars:

VA Arts & Healing Collaborative. Take an inside look at what it takes to create an arts program within the VA System. A conversation with artists, funders, and community collaborators. Listen Here.

Ever wonder what it takes to create a research project in creative aging? Listen to Linda Noelker from the Benjamin Rose Institute and Tony Noice from Elmhurst College discuss what are best practices in arts and aging research. Listen Here.

The Art of Creative Caregiving. A conversation between Greg Finch and Jessica Kay Ruhle from Nasher Museum of Art. Listen Here.

Archived Webinars

Teaching Artist Training in Creative Aging
Developing Partnerships and Collaborations in Creative Aging
FLOURISHING the Art of Creative Caregiving
State of the Field
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VA Arts and Healing
2016 NCCA Engage Initiative
2016 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference
The Fundamentals of Research
Flourishing: The Art of Creative Caregiving 2015
NCCA EngAGE Communities of Practice Field Guide | Training Webinar

Archived Documents

Susan Jorge 2013 | Creativity Matters: Arts and Aging Toolkit Webinar Series